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Friday, November 26, 2004

7:56PM - Vivd Light

((pokes the masses at vividlight))

This is going to be a fanfiction journal now. o__o

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6:52PM - New SN

I am getting tired of my username. o_o

I want to change it but I don't know what too.... I want something that says, "CHO!"

I considered 'Cho' but it doesn't have enough letters. O.o

I want it to say that I am unique, which means that it's going to have to be something really random. I also want something non-anime related because I don't know if I will like anime in the next few years. (I'm counting on it, but we'll see.)

I don't want anything dated either. o_o Like, 'votelib2008'

I don't want anything...too unique though. Nothing sadistic or anything, but it should give people a sense of "...dude, she's messed up." (XD)

All the good ones are taken. o_o I want something like 'purplewaves' or something deep. 'Deeppurplewaves.'

((has no life))

...XD! hasnolife!

...It's probably been taken. o_o

Something vibrant and vivid. Vivid...what's another word for fear? Apprehension? Too long....


I got nightmare and horror and quail. o_o

Vividquail, lmao.

vividindigo? O.o

((tries it))

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6:01PM - Snoooooooow

It has been snowing for eight hours now. That means we can't get hoooome. >_<

That means that I am not going to be able to spend the entire two days on my photography project like I had hoped. EVERYTHING is due on Wednesday and I don't have it all done so I at least want my project done. I've decided to do modified pictures thoughout history. Since...I modifiy almost every picture that falls into my pocession.

((points at Daisuke icon #1)) See? That one is not that purple. In fact, I'm not sure what the original color was....

((Has gotten sick of her layout and wants to change it))

I love shooting guns. =D

I had 10 bullets, shot two bottles to pieces (one shot each), and six into two cans.

I'm good at it. o_o I have finally found a sport I don't suck at.

Someone call the press! =O

The Moderate Independent

That is a great site. It's a libritarian site, which is what I'm decided to be my party.

Loose government control and plently of freedom for everyone (and a lot of the gays/bis XD).

...((is wearing five shirts))

We get mac and cheese for dinner. Hurray! =D

Our oven broke in May and we still haven't fixed it.

((can't decide between Bakura/Ryou or YMalik/Malik or sappy Satoshi/Daisuke to start writing))

Suggestions? XD

Current mood: amused

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1:22PM - Dick, Bush, and Colin

Bush likes Dick but Dick wants to go with Colin.


That made me laugh so hard my sides hurt.

No, it's just poking fun at the Republican party; nothing dirty. o___o


9:48AM - Icons


Lookit the pwerdy icon! I have two of Dai and one bronzeshipping one.

I'm so ashamed. ;__; Cho thinks to self, "...what is Yami no Malik/Malik called? Psychoshipping? ...No...uh...." during Spanish. ((dies))

Bronzeshipping, Cho, BRONZESHIPPING! XO

Ha, better now.

I smell like gun powder! =D ((likes the smell))

Oohh, I shot a single can seven times from a distance of 15 feet. o_o Seven out of nine is not bad. I hit a flowerpot and the bank (in the ground...not a business bank XD).

((has the Olson gene for good marksmenship))

Right now I have a craving for yaoi. o_o ((goes to read a Stargate/HP crossover Elise just gave her the link too))


Thursday, November 25, 2004

7:23PM - Driving

...I am probably the only girl in Minnesota who, just today, has both shot a gun and driven a car for the first time in less than 8 hours.

...I've done and eaten a lot today.

It almost makes up for the stuff I didn't get done in the last month.

Not Magda's Columbus paper, though. XD

((is making new icons))

((can not make icons))

But, okay. I have one of Daisuke in a police light that says, "Caught!" and one of Yami no Malik with the words 'Fallen Angel' on it. That one sucks. o_o; ((hates orange))

I can't fix it either. I think I have to alter the circles....

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2:56PM - I have found....

Ladies and gentlmen, (though I think it's just ladies) I have found my sport.

As soon as I get back to Roseville, I am joining a gun club.

That is, if I didn't scare my Dad out of it. o__o

Cho: ((is aiming at bottle)) At so is this how it's done?
Dad: Yeah, I think. Keep it [the riffle] against your shoulder.
Cho: Does it have any backlash?
Dad: Not really; this one is rather weak.
Cho: You mean old?
Dad: Yeah.
Cho: Okay. ((aims at bottle...fires and hits it)) YES!
Dad: Nice shot ((in dad's impressed voice))
Cho: DIIIIIIIIE, BOTTLE FRAGMENTS! ((blows them apart))
Dad: ....
Cho: ((sadistic laugh))

I couldn't help it, I swear. XD

The biggest fragment would up being the size of my thumb. o_o

((can shoot)) =D

Current mood: excited

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11:46AM - Thanksgiving

Up, literly, before the crack of dawn, packed, got in the car, and drove EXACTLY four hours and one minute to this hillbilly place.

((the house smells like curry))

((and a bit like wet dog))

o_o; ((has to get up at 4 a.m. to go home tomorrow))

...And that is my day so far. XD

I LOVE the city at night. It's so beautiful. ^_^ If it weren't for the crime I'd go to live in New York City and be awake only at night. Hell, I may even do that anyways. I know I want to live in an apartment with a good view. In a city with lots of lights. I waited up to watch the lights while we were driving. I gotta say, listening to "Rakeun, Frantic" in the dark while zooming along at 70 mph...it gave me the shirvers. XD

Krad is sadistic and has inspired five fanfics in three hours. o_o;

((may actually kept work done to avoid hillbilly grandparents/aunt))

So far the list of people that have come to grandma's is....dun DUN:

- My family
- Aunt Mary
- Spud (dog)
- (neighbor's dog)

o_o; Wow. We're missing like...30 people. Oh look, here comes someone now. XD

((has to go put olives on plate but is procrastinating))

I hate olives. o__o


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

7:16PM - Saddness

Today I watched a video in biology about how America has reached, and passed (twenty years ago) it's golden age.

My proof?

I just read an article on the Moderate Independent about how Russia is now the strongest country in the world.

Want more proof?

A teacher in California is banned from giving children copies of the Decloration of Independence because the word 'God' is in it.

((flees the country))


1:03PM - Jenn's Birthday

Jenn's birthday is manana. =D

She's going to be 17. o_o; That scares me. I remember when she turned 16 (when I had just turned 13).

Well, at lunch I gave her her book. She goes, "Yay, a present!" when she sat down, opens it, sees the book, and hugs it, saying, "best birthday present I'm going to get this year!"

I think she meant it too. o_o

Best $50 I ever spent. o_o; Courtney wants a trantula though.... >.> I'll see what I can do. Maybe for her birthday, not Chistmas....

I give Jenn two weeks to read the 1,490 page book! XD (Jenn is a dinosaur fanatic. I got her Dinosaurs: The Complete Guide To Dinosaurs</i>, by Steve Parker.)

Current mood: accomplished

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1:02PM - Eek


The girl next to me is taking quizzes.

Question: How soon do you want to lose your virginity?
Answer: As soon as possible.

((explodes of ....non....catholic morals!))

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

5:56PM - Photography

That class is hell. o__o The girls do nothing but talk and...it's just icky. Not to mention I have to get up early and do a project (that would've been completed today but Cho doesn't know what a jpeg is) and finish one right now. Uuuuugh. No me gusta. =(


Hillary: ((pokes))
Cho: Ah! Nooo!
Hillary: ((rabidly pokes))
Cho: No me gusta!
Room: ((bursts into laughter))


Got Jenn's birthday present.

Expense-wise, all I have to say is, Jennifer, you had better appreciate that. o__o


Monday, November 22, 2004

7:23PM - Meme

My journal is called ____ because ____.
My subtitle is ____ because ____.
My friends page is called___ because____.
My username is ____ because ____.
My default userpic is ____ because ____.

My journal is called Cho because I am a non-creative person.
My subtitle is 'once again my immigaintion has vetoed my common sense' because rarely do ideas I have get stopped by my brain.
My friends page is called friends because I am not creative.
My username is usuyami_no_koe because a) it's my favorite line in a song I love and b) it means 'voice of thin darkness,' impliying a ying-yang and that I am mostly light.
My defualt userpic is of Dark and Krad fighting because I love them both and their sadistic/masochistic ways.

There are sometimes I really hate being a masochist. This, however, is not one of them. ((stubbed toe on desk and doesn't feel enough pain to be in pain))


6:55PM - Haircut!

Today was a simple day...not much happened in the way of school except a bio text (which I thought was easy but when I took it in my cliffs book I got a 73...).

Also I took a picture of the auditorium/theater and got an orb on the catwalk. The one Hillary described to me would be there. She said that several times when she was working the lights she say a girl dancing on the catwalk. ((shrugs)) I didn't see it until I ran the picture though 'auto levels' and 'brightness/contrast.' It surprised me though and seemed to freak Hillary out.

Oww.... My watch has embedded itself in my skiiiiin. x_x

((is going to Lago del Bosque next summer. =DDDD))

I am looking foreward to that. I love Spanish (and biology, althrough everyday I'm always going 'I HATE BIOLOGY! >|') so I'm going to the camp over the summertime. I hope. It looks nice. And I know I've heard Lage del Bosque SOMEWHERE. I dunno where though. It's in northern MN during summer though. =D GOOD BYYYYYE STICKY HEAT!

Y fue por cortando del pelo!

I like the way it turned out but my head feels so light now without all that hair.

Nicole is helping Neil with Spanish...((listens))

But yeah...I look like Nibiki Tendo now. XD Which is not an improvment over Riku Harada. Personally I wanted to look like Satoshi Hiwatari....

Says the crossdresser. o__o

And now I am going to go buy a birthday present for Jenn. Courtney just sent me an email with tittles I could look into because Jenn loves dinosaurs with a passion. o_o They are all hardcover books though. ((bites lip)) I'll see what I can afford.

Says Courtney to me, "if all else fails, buy her a snake. XD"

Says me to Courtney, "a snake, huh? Maybe for your birthday. XD Nice try."

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Saturday, November 20, 2004

11:53AM - Saddies (Pre)


((takes notes))

- Picked up at seven ish
- Go to Italian restrant with Yaz/Kate/Rach/Hill
- Dance - 9:30-12
- Sleep over?
- Dance is imformal
- Can marry other people
- Must wear black pants to match your date (Rachael, Hillary, Sarah. Foursome, lmao XD)
- Will get shirt at resturant
- Cho has to pee so hurry Hillary! >___< ((is slowly going to explode))
- Shirt says, "Join the army, travel to distant exotic lands, meet interesting, unusual people, and kill them" with Uncle Sam on it
- May get first sleep over =D
- Hill's mom is going to call

blue buffalo/ American pigs go Oink Oink, German pigs go Nerf Nerf! says:
what your dads name?
Cho | I Win Losing! says:
And he's not going to get on the phone unless you trick him. o_o
Cho | I Win Losing! says:
Cho | I Win Losing! says:
Cho | I Win Losing! says:
Cho | I Win Losing! says:
Force of habit

-Hill's gonna call in 20 minutes


Friday, November 19, 2004

7:39PM - Newspaper II

The Blue Room has become my home away from home. I think I may have finally found my passion in life and that is writing and formatting for the newspaper. XD

We finally decided on a new name. Next issue we are going to be the "Latitude." So...Nikki and Marissa...don't tell anyone until next week. o__o

I do not like the name. It's fun to type but it just doesn't have enough 'ring' to it, if you will. I did the horoscopes for them this afternoon. Ha, they are riddled with inside jokes that only I and a few other people are going to understand.

Aries (Courtney): You are going to have some troubles this month but you will get through them. Stay away from short people with multicolored spiked hair.

Sagitarius (Jenn): You are going to need compainionship this month. So have fun with your siblings. Make them a picture and hide it in their shoes. (Courtney is Jenn's little sister)

Libra (Cho): You are going to have a lot of fun this month with your friends. Don't be suprised if they don't exactly appresiate your sense of humor.

They all play off of Court's fear of Yami. XD

And then....

Aquarius (Rachael): The world is in need of more crazy-cat-throwing-ladies. Go buy a cat and start your collection.

I had so much fun writing these. XD Ahhh, everyone is going to hate me.

And then I did the pictures for the girls basketball team and gymnastics on a whim. Also interviewed Mr. Hoag about one of the former students that died because he drifted off while driving on a mountain. Mr. Hoag started to cry...it was really sad. o_o I felt bad about asking him those questions.

But yeah. It took HOURS to finish so we ordered pizza. Like I said, the blue room is my home away from home. It is my layer. 0_o OF DOOM!...ness.

Uh...nothing new, really. Had fun torturing Courtney at lunch with the Yami on my chem. book. She kept spazzing at it and it was hilarious. XD

Rachael asked me to Saddie Hawkins. o__o

Rachael: Cho!
Cho: Rach! ((hug))
Rachael: ((hug)) Will you go to Saddies with me?
Cho: Of course I'll go to Saddies with you.
Junior girl next to us: 0_____o Ew.

Haha, it was great. And then Hillary invited Sarah Fife.

Cause they both broke up with their boyfriends and now they are single so they needed people to replace them with. So...I guess I'm taking Nick's place...which is creeping because I'm just like Nick. o_O Only with a much lower tolorence for gore. Yeah. Nick isn't allowed on the computers in the blue room anymore.

But it's strange because even though Nick and Rachael broke up Nick still talks to me and he still gives me this "adoring" look. I dunno, maybe I'm imagining it but the entire time we were "working" in the blue room on Thursday he was looking at me the same way he was looking at Rachael the week before.

It's creepy...and not entirely welcome....

Though I wouldn't mind, now that I think about it.... Nick is a pretty good guy. And the fact that he's into gothic horror and vampires makes him even better. The only problem is...is that he is NOT someone my parents would approve off. He doesn't try at school and he's in the remidial classes (which is rediculous because he can read and understand gothic horror which is very difficult to do. I, the honors English student, can't do it all the time.) and he's been to jail. And I don't think he's a virgin either.

If he is then that's better, I suppose. o_o; But yes, Madre and Padre would not approve, to say the least.

But I hope it's just in my imagination because I fear what that would do to Rachael. I do not want to date one of her 'dumpees.' Not because of normal reasons, but because of what that would do to Rach.

And I don't understand why anyone would want me anyways. I probably weigh twice the amount everyone else does (yes, twice. You just can't tell because a good 30 pounds is muscle from karate. XD;;) and I'm not all that pretty even if I did weigh what normal people do. o_O Hillary came up with the theory that Nick just wants stability.

Well then he's certianly not looking for me. Super Cho, AWAY! ((dodges off screen))

Which I understand, of course. And Hill's break up with Matt was apparently easy. Nick agreed with Rach and Matt...well...he didn't agree but saw it coming. So...I'm dating Rachael and Sarah Fife is dating Hillary? XD;;

...((hasn't told parents she's going to Saddies yet and it's tomorrow night))


I have to go birthday shopping for Jenn with Court this weekend, too.


Thursday, November 18, 2004

6:34PM - Single vs. Couple


This afternoon I was editing, right? I was editing with Tim, Ema, and Nick and after they left I did and I ran into Hillary and Rachael.

Why is this a problem?

Because of me Rach is going to break up with Nick. x___x Oh fuuuuuck.

See, cause we are going to plant specially directed horoscopes at people. (We being me and Ema) So we wanted to know Rachael's birthday. So we trired to reach her at International Club but they had already left. So Ema and I went back to the Blue Room (what we call the newspaper room) and looked up Yaz's number so she could call someone who knew it and they could tell us.

Well, duh, Nick was RIGHT THERE. So I asked him what Rachael's birthday was and he says, "I don't know." So I asked him what her phone number was and he yells across the room and I got Marshell Field's. o__o

So I told him to do it and after three tries he gets it and talks to Rachael's mother. So I steal the phone from her and ask for her birthday and with my photographic lousy unique challenged memory immidiatly forget.

So I didn't ask again because I didn't want to sound stupid. o_o

So when I leave the Blue Room to get an article I just printed (to the A staff office) I see Rachael and without thinking tell her this funny story.

She got mad that Nick didn't know her birthday or her phone number.

Which means I just ruined a relationship.

Which is really bad because I like Nick and I wanted to be his friend and if Rachael is my friend too he's not going to like because around both of us.

So I think it's justified to say that lack of sleep and relationships do not mix. ((is still on newspaper deadline))


5:55PM - Newspaper Cruch Day II

Rawr. o_O

I'm in the newspaper room, slacking off diligently working on the fiction part of the paper and then the horoscopes. Because...I don't know why. I'm not a writer for the paper but apparently I am doing them because...well, I don't know why. o.O

And I just got a slip thing from Ms. R. Gonna get a Raider sweatshirt for $20 with my name on it. ^_^ XXL because I want it to be HUGE. Granted that's not much different from what I wear but...huge sweatshirts are fun. ^^

I haven't seen Courtney all day. x_x ((whines)) I hope she feels better after this week because her being prissy is making me prissy. o_o

Half the school thinks I'm bipolar. o_o


Wednesday, November 17, 2004

6:16PM - Courtney


Why doesn't Dad just accept Courtney as my friend?! So WHAT if she doesn't dress like a freaking prep. So WHAT if she's not in the honors classes? That doesn't mean that she's BAD for me?

Dad doesn't like Court is a "quality" person. He actually thinks that if I spend time with her I couldn't be as well off as I otherwise would be. This is REDICULOUS!

Padre should know by now that I have very high standards for the people I talk too! Courtney is fun, loyal, smart (she's not in honors classes because she's lazy), and despite what she thinks she displays all the traits of a decent Christian!

She is more innocent then she looks!

Personally I think Halloween put Dad over the top. She decided to be a witch but wound up looking like the bondage queen from Hell. All the clothes out of her closet, too.

Well, it doesn't matter. She's still my best friend and nothing Padre can say is going to change that.


5:55PM - Crunch Time

Holy Helllll. x___x

This is why I don't like procrastinating the day before things are due. This is why you don't do it!

Attention, Newspaper writers: You're time planning SUCKS.


((is editing))

Uh, yeah. Today, this morning, I got mad because Ms. Mielke didn't tell us not to do something with our fly lab and just expected us to read the blue sheet she gave us at the beginnign of the unit. This is rediculous because I think I lost the sheet we can't be expected to keep track of every little detail!

So I was grouchy until the beginning of fourth period (out of five) in which we watched a video. The only thing I have to do for photography due soon is now the rest of my restoration and the community photo shoot. I'm finally caught up in bio and doing okay again in Chemistry (the test I took, 90%).

For about 10 seconds today I had an A- in biology. >D

Then I factored in the test I boobed bombed and now have an B+.

Uh, stayed after school for newspaper work. Went to meeting, stalked Tim to copy-edit room and am now an ediotor. o_o Lmao, followed a schmuck and got a job. Nice.

Well, it's crunch time (the day before the paper prints) so they needed help. The people working right now are planning on sleeping at the school, that's how bad the timing is for some of the people and their articles. =/

Poor Tim. o_o He's going to bed at one and has to be up and out of the newspaper staff room by six.

I would've helped but today is my sister's birthday. She's a teenager now. ((fear in her general direction))

I haven't seen much of Courtney today, I'm noticing. o_o;;


Tuesday, November 16, 2004

7:10PM - Grrrrr

I am so fucking tired of people just assuming that I'm always happy. I'm tired of dealing with people who don't care and I'm tired of doing work in a class that I obviously can't pass.

Cho: You guys figure it out. I do not care anymore. It's YOUR french project.
Hillary: Cho, are you bipolar?
Rachael: I think she is.
Hillary: You're always really happy or really sad and angry.
Rachael: Yes.
Hillary: Like at lunch. You're always angry during lunch.
Cho: T_T ....
Courtney: Xandir is bipolar! ^__^
Cho: <.<

It was funny though. o_o

I was stuck working with four girls who didn't care about their stupid French project with a camera that sucked ass and with no tolorence for anything. Not to mention a fever and bangs that won't fucking stay out of my eyes!

I got mad. And left with Courtney. Walked her too her car and then waited for Madre to come pick me up.

I saw Michael. o_o He was coming out of debate and was waiting for his ride. After I left he went back inside the building which means that he came out just to talk to me. ^__^

((is hopeless))


((hate, anger and RAAAAGE))

Current mood: angry

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12:34PM - Fun With Tape

This morning...I completely decrusted my bagel! XD

Hee. I love bagels. o_o

Met with people in morning, like usual. Only Rachael forgot her food for the French project so I went out in the rain to wait for her mother to bring the hotdog buns and jelly. ((They're doing "Iron Chef: French Style!"))

Rushed for first period and discovered that it was pointless (not breaking news). Went to chemistry and Ms. S. gave us a packet 24 pages long to be done is six days. o_o All on kenetic energy. I hate chem with a passion. That lab I thought I did alright in, remember? 72%. ((headdesk))

Bio is fun with genetics, but that's it. o_o Newspaper names collection was okay, with Tim, but I didn't get to sit with the gang and won't tomorrow anyways. And I didnt' go on the field trip for photography, thinking I could actually get some work done today, but noooo. The scanner of negatives has broken down so I can't do that. Meaning tomorrow morning I am going to have to do that. Meaning that I am behind.

o_o I had better do my colorization.

Cho: You have a newspaper meeting after school tomorrow! DON'T FORGET!

Remember to call home and tell tus padres you will be late. o_o

Yaz gave me Ibphorin and it's making me all, "whooooa, lookit that! XDDDDD"


Current mood: calm


Monday, November 15, 2004

4:24PM - Calista

When I next see Calista, I think I am going to have to kill her. o__o;;

After school :

Went "West" with Courtney (inside joke there. XD)
Ditched math team and stalked Hillra/Matt/Nick to D&D
Talked to Ema and Tim
Stalked Calista to her meeting (and stayed. x__x)
Married Calista

o__o ((spazzes))

And I have a project on the Gulf War due tomorrow that I haven't started. Lovely.


12:36PM - Icon

I just realized you can't see Dark in my icon on this computer.....

So, people, who can see Dark in my icon?



12:21PM - Random Tidbits

Last night:

"...I just realized the irony of coloring Saudi Arabia green...." (Cho to Nicole(sister))

This Morning, First Period:

"Cho, you have a new backpack I see."
"Substitute backpack."
"...What happened to your real backpack?"
"....Remember all the cream cheese I was storing in it?"
".....Oh, God..." >_<;;/ XD

Yazzy is now my pet whore/prep. =D

Bagelled this morning with Jungmin and Nikki (though I was the only one eating a bagel). Stole Nikki's backpack and ran around with it, eventually finding Calista and getting FAKE vol. 1 back. Said it sucked. T_T Blah. I just gave it too her because it had two men kissing. (Calista is the future straight gay rights activist)

Went Ha-chan hunting and then stalked Courtney to English. Went to geog. and had fun with Yazzy.

Went to chemistry and took chem test which I think I did well on, but...the last time I thought I did well on something I got an 81%....so.... We'll see....

Lunch was spent at a table by myself and other newspaper members, trying to get people to come up with a decent name for the newspaper. Some kid honestly said, "The Raider Raper." Guess we know what's on his mind. >.>

Bio was in the library mating flys. o__o

Here, in photography, I think I am way behind.... I have sooo much stuff do. I've decided I'm not going on the field trip because a) it'll give me a chance to catch up in photography b) bio test and c) helping Courtney/Rachael/Jungmin with their French project which will be interesting because I don't speak a word of French.

Apparently Courtney doesn't either. XD;;;;

....I have my entire project on the Gulf War due tomorrow and I haven't started. o___o;;


...But them I remember Magda, and her Columbus paper, which was due in October.... and suddenly this isn't that bad. XD

Current mood: lazy

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Sunday, November 14, 2004

4:47PM - Penpal/Krad

I think I may have to kill Teun Saem....

She signed me up to be a penpal! I DON WANNA! XO


I can't think of anything to say....

Email One and ReplyCollapse )

Email Two and ReplyCollapse )

o_o Unholy carp, this is not good.

Ha, and here's an email that tells me it isn't going to go through.


I just love hotmail, don't you?

I am Magda approved! =O

Current mood: cynical


2:40PM - Restoration


I'm willing to bet that if I didn't keep getting distracted I would've been done with my restoration project AND my biology lab by one o'clock.

It's now three o'clock.

Blarg, I just can't resist fanfiction. x_x

I only have a little bit of road and I have to recreate a bus wheel, but then I'll be done and I can move onto biology and the Gulf War. =/

To-Do List:

- Write to Korean Penpals
- Finish restoration
- Finish bio
- Finish AT LEAST the map
- Finish reading about Mendal and write essay outline for tomorrow

o_o; ((gets to work))

20 minutes later

...((gets to work for real...))

Damn you, fanfiction! XO


11:22AM - Neil's Quote of the Day

I am sitting in the study which has too computers in it. I'm working on my photography project while my brother plays a game on the other one. He says,

"No! The computer is cheating! Cheater! You are a cheat-o! I'm cheeto! ...I wish we had cheeatos...."

Cheeto = crunchy chip things with cheese dust on them. Quite tasty, but addictive.

My hyperness runs in the family. XD


Saturday, November 13, 2004

7:47PM - Chigago

Stolen from evilcourtney.

(Who isn't the Courtney from school, by the way. o_o)

Go into your archive and take the fifth sentance from the 23 entry.

Cho's: Beware Chigago! I'm coming for you...if I can find a bus that goes there!

I know, more then one. But just, "I'm coming for you" sounded stalker-ish.

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7:16PM - Random Thoughts

Cho's Thought of the Day

Deep Fried cheese; it's what for dinner.

I think it's great how I can just yell, "Super Cho AWAY!" and run out of the room and no one even looks up from the Harry Potter moive. XD


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