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Once Again My Imagination Has Won Out Against My Common Sense

28 September
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Posting Stupid Banners
These things piss me off
My Rebellion!!!

So you want to know about me, hmm? I'm a anime and vampire obcessed freak that's addicted to caffine. That about sums me up rather nicely....

There really isn't evenything else you should know, but I am putting a warning on my jouranl for every conservative person.

1) I am a liberal.
2) I tend to rant about how poorly all of the Republican presidents have done.
3) I am a yaoi fan [male x male relationships].
4) I have a sense of humor that can be tasteless at times [Finding stuff thats funny about depressing things, i.e. funerals, death, bad relationships, etc. I'm not a very sensitive person]
5) Non-Catholic. Soy Luthern.
6)</ Bush>

Things to watch out for:

1) My sense of humor
2) My inability to make sense when I'm hyper
3) My inability to make sense when I'm caffine depreived
4) My ability to make perfect sense when I'm sleep depvired, though what I make sense in doesn't matter and probably will hurt your IQ in the long run [Ex. My Jelly Bean- Glasses conspiracy]
5) My use of 'Choese' which consists of English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, English English, and a few Latin words here and there. And a few made up ones.

I'm RPGing as Yami no Malik in the community yaoi_yugioh_rpg